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Team Drivers

Matt Thorson

Age: 24

Series: str8 up sxs series


#666 “Hells Bells"

Engine - GM 376 C.I. Supercharged LS9– Built by RPM Engine and Machine

Transmission - Reid Racing Case SH-400 Built by Nor-Cal Transmissions

Transfercase - ORD Magnum Box and NP205

Axles - 2 Ouverson steering sheet metal 2.5T Rockwell Housings, 2” 47 Spline Ouverson Axles with Billet UJoints,Billet Knuckles, Billet Inner C, Billet Steering Arms, Billet Gear Sets and Billet Spindles

Steering - Howe Power steering rams front and rear with trophy truck pump

Tires - PitBull Rockers 44x19.5x20


Winner of 4 Wheel Magazines Top Truck Challenge 2007

Placed 3rd in 4 Wheel Magazines Top Truck Champions Challenge 2012 - Competing in Hells Bells against the 20 previous Top Truck Challenge winners

Featured in SEMA 2009 and 2011, along with the Off Road Expo in 2008


Born April 6, 1966 in San Francisco, California
Lives in Santa Rosa, California
Owner of Thorson’s Extreme Off-Road
Races the Ultra4 Racing Series in the 4400 Unlimited Class
Co-Driver– Sal Gumina
Crew Chief– Rick Jamie

Little Crew Chief– Jake Watson

I was born in California, but at the age of 10 my family moved to Idaho. It was a big change from thecrazy California hustle and bustle. I found my self working at the age of 13 doing lawn mower repair, auto bodyrepair and various other odd jobs. I Purchased my first vehicle before my 14th birthday. I was able to support anddrive my 1967 Chevy Camaro on a day light drivers license only. By the age of 16, I had fixed up and flipped 22cars, getting better cars each time. Around this time I got into 4 wheel drives, and haven’t looked back!

Devin Harper

Age: 24

Series: str8 up sxs series

Machine: 2016 Polaris rzr 1000xp

Why I love this sport:

It started at a very young age for me, I would say around 10. My uncles were and still are into the mud bogging scene and they built me a truck of my very own. I competed in the local mud bogs And say that is what started my passion for motor sports. Now it has progressed over the years to the rzr scene. It started out just Trail riding , then i started participating in local events and this year I have committed to running a series that I'm currently 4th in points with some very good drivers. I look to do even more next race season I look for myself to do nothing but grow with the sport. The people the hospitality and the adrenaline rush is like no other!

Daniel Parker

Age: 38

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

2016 Accomplishments:

Finishing the BAJA 1000 with a 5th Place Finish.

2nd Place Overall for Score Pro UTV Naturally Aspirated 2016 Season

2017 Goal:

The goal for 2017 is simple; “win every race we enter and end the season with a championship”. After a long rookie season with lots of ups and downs during the races I feel now I know exactly what it takes to win these races. I learned that it takes not just speed but consistency. It takes patience, hard work and definitely a lot of strategy. Its a team effort. It takes a lot to win these desert races and everything has to be just right.

Scott McFarland

As part of his winning strategy to reach the upper echelon of the racing pantheon, McFarland has snagged the help of some of today’s biggest aftermarket companies. Without a doubt, one of the most important partnerships that McFarland has striked is with Pit Bull tires. Together, the two have enjoyed great success, surging to the top of the leaderboard at some of today’s biggest venues.

Regardless of the event or challenge, one thing always becomes clear when looking at the successes of the Pit Bull and McFarland partnership: No matter what is thrown their way, they roll right over it. And for potential Pit Bull tire owners, the same could be true for you too.

Kevin Yoder

Kevin Yoder makes his home in Grass Valley, California with his wife and two beautify daughters. Rarely is off roading not on his mind. His love of playing in the dirt developed at a young age from the adventures in the old family Jeep. His motorsports career began when in high school racing in a Jeep that he built in his dad’s barn at the local mud drags. Next was Tuff Trucks and then on to Pro Arena Racing. When the rock crawling competitions broke out Kevin had success on many levels and was part of several championship teams. The need for speed took over so Kevin moved from crawling to back to the go fast side of Motorsports. Kevin won several championships racing the NorCal Rock Racing series. Next came desert and Ultra 4 racing. Kevin was fortunate to become part of the Pit Bull Tires team in 2008, which lead to several more titles in Off Road racing. The Ultra4 series and King of the Hammers has been his main focus over the last few years. Kevin Yoder's racing career has been nothing short of exciting. From weekend wheeling with friends and family on the local trails to racing Pike's Peak Hill Climb and getting an opportunity to race at the "Big House" in Crandon, Wisconsin, Kevin has done it all and still looking for more...