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"Ran the 35 bias ply rockers for a good while. Also ran the same set on my JKU for a few years. Hands down the best tire I've had for Off-roading."

Kody Street

"My kids love the Rockers as much as I do!"

Torrey Gray

"My radial 37" rockers did ridiculously well in Moab and anything else I throw at them. No punctures or issues with these tires."

Ethan Malmas

"Had a set of pit bull rockers on my first jeep loved them!"

Ed Parenteau

"I like them so much that I have them on my truck and my jeep! Hard to beat how tough these tires are."

Travis LeBrun

"I swear by these tires! The only thing I haven't tried them on is my cummins."

John Paul Dixson

"I would just like to say I have been made a believer of the Braven Ironside. We had a 3 day Arctic Cat weekend in Tennessee. These tires did everything from hardback to rocks and dry to sloppy surfaces. I Look forward to putting them through the paces of my SXS adventures."

Cole Gagnon

"Love the aggressive bite and the boatloads of traction with my rockers!!!"

Zach Lukach

"It's simple. They work well and they are made right here!!! Best all around tire I've ran, they work perfectly on the rocks as well as the snow."

Roclbee Burgess

"Can't be happier with my set of 42" rockers. Keep up the good work guys."

Bart Horton

"I love my 41.5x13.5x20 Pitbull Rockers! Best tires i have run, I would love another set for my second gen four door build..."

Jamie Bucklin

"Love my pitbull now running 37x12.5r15 Best tire on the market here up north for our terrain."

Steve St-onge

"Loved my 37-13.50x16 would go places 40 inch swampers would not I had 6 inches of mud in the floor of the truck it will be pit bull rockers or nothing for me."

Chris Chapman

"I love my 42 inch rockers they hook better then any tire I've ever ran I've had 39s and now 42s and there perfect for my rig and driving style!"

Adam Criner

"Pit Bull Rockers are the best tire I ever ran. For rocks, sand, and mud, there's nothing better."

Dan McDonald

"The boys just want to be like Daddy! The Pitbull Rocker is superior in any terrain mud, snow, rocks, and highways to get ya there!"

Heidi Shadle

"Why do I love my Pit Bulls? Because they got me up this run that so many others have failed at!"

Bryan Buettemeyer

"They were a dream tire for me for over 8 years! Husband bought me a set of 35x12.5x17 Rockers for my first Mother's Day."

Kristina Milani

"Love my 42" rockers. They work even better with water."

Jonathan Tate

"We run Pit Bull Rockers. After the first set we never have tried another brand of tire. They are the best hooking tires we ever have run including all of the interco tires and Mickey Thompson's. We run 39.5 rockers and 44 rockers."

Dustin Harris

"I love my rockers they are an awesome performing tire in all situations I've had them in from snow to the rocks in Colorado. The other great thing is they are a true 35x 12.50."

Cody Little

"I had a set of the 44s on my last jeep. Man I loved those tires. You can't beat them. Awesome tire."

Patrick Hoskins

"Great tires awesome company!! My 42 bias rockers work awesome on the southeast rocks!"

Will Vaughan

"I've been wheeling all over the country and my 42" rockers haven't failed me yet."

Todd Elam

"I can't wait to get my 37's on. Stepping up from my little 32's on my TJ! It'll be worth the axle swapping, stretching, and cutting. Happy to have tires that are made in the US."

Kevin Cicona

"I love my bias rockers. Best tires I have ever had! They are very sticky and work awesome!"

Matt Hillier

"Have a set of Rockers on my Jeep that have worked awesome on the rocks. Have another set of Rockers on order for my smaller trail rig. Next on my wishlist would be 41.5 Radial Rockers for 17" rims that would go on a tube buggy I am going to build."

Brian Sumner

"Love my PBR, On my second set and still love them. Out wheel all other tires out there. Great side wall to hold up to the sharp rocks out here in California."

Michael Walters

"I appreciate the awesome deal you gave a lot of us last November! These 37" radials have been doing great so far. If I where to switch it up I would have to give the 38.5 Maddog's a try as I have heard good things with them too."

Joey Stokes

"I just installed a set of your 37x12.5r17 Rocker Radials and would love another set for my TJ project. But maybe a little bigger. Haha."

Jeff Rasmussen

"Best utv tire on the market. Great in mud, trails and rock's. Currently running growlers."

Keith N Faye Collins

"I loved those PitBull Rockers Bias. the best i had . they exel in everithing i throws a thems, Rocks,Sands,Sticky and gooyee Mud, Nothing could stop thems. they were 33x12.5x15."

Joel Campeau

"I am on my second set of 41.5 Rockers, and I absolutely love them. I don't ever plan to buy another tire for my Jeep. Certainly the best tire I have ever run!"

David Adams

"My first set was 39.5 bias PB Rockers, wore them out, went to 42s and they are getting worn out, so why PITS they are made very well, very stong and tough. My rig weighs in a mear 6000 pounds and these tires hold up to the abuse I give them."

Mike Shelley

"My rockers have taken me to some awesome places. I'm on my second set and would love some 47" growlers for deep powder."

Jeremy Wilson

"Need some new rockers for my jeep once she gets on tons. Probably the best rock crawling tire out there."

Curtis Berens

"So far I love my Pit Bull tires. Bought these in the fall and finally have them installed. Love the look, ride awesome, and so far they have performed great. Going to get her in the trails again real soon and conquer those trails that gave me troubles in the past. Would love to have another set for my F-150."

Craig Stuart

"Would love to get another set of growler 2.0's. They hook like no other and are tough as nails. Pit Bull Tires won't run anything but these again."

Greg Andrews

"I have a set of 37x13.5x15 bias pitbulls havent got to run them yet. But i know they will perform. You guys keep running good deals that help alot of people out and from what i have had to deal with you guys so far ive had very good customer service as well. And id love another set of the 35x14.5x15 bias rockers to put on this junker haha."

Clayton Bruce

"39.5x16.50 bias on the H1. Best looking tire around. Only thing I think I'd like better is a set of radials to be a bit more road friendly."

Colt Hardin

"Love my american made rockers, and the company that backs them. They performed absolutely amazing, I've not gotten on the rocks yet with them, but I have had them in some sloppy muddy hill climbs and they did great, not to mention how well they ride on the road as well. I'd love a set of 35 12.50 17 PBXs for a street tire."

Danny Ondrey

"The best tires ever. Run the 41.5 on my ex and the A/T on my Super Duty I just got from the last sell you guys had. Love them smooth as butter on the road."

Bryan Frisk

"The Rockers are by far the best tire I have ever ran. From the trails in southwest MO to Moab, UT they perform unbelievable. Thanks for a awesome tire. My next set will be Rockers for the trail rig, but want some growlers for the street."

Joseph Garland

"I've got a secondhand set of 35x12.5r15 Rocker radials on my rig now and am really impressed. They hold up great in the lava rocks. I'd really like to try a set of 37" rockers and see what I could do with them."

Brian Bolton

"I'll be the first one to preach how good pitbull tires are. I love them because they go anyware and everywhere. Places other tires can't go. These are 39.5s for a 15" wheel but I'd love to step up to a 42 for 15s."

Lee Deschaine

"I have two sets of pitbull rockers 35x14.5r15 on my 5.0 swapped 4runner and 42x15r16.5 on my 1980 Toyota pickup I love my pitbull rockers because they drive great on the road and perform awesome off road I would say all around best tire out there and my next set I want to get would be 37x13.5r15 because the 35s are a little small for my 4runner."

Rick Schoolcraft

"Ran some Pitbull Rockers on my old Super Duty, great tires, rode smooth, tread lasted much longer than expected! I will be buying your tires again when it's time to get bigger shoes!"

Nick Kestenbaum

"Can't wait to try out my 42s in the snow, but wishing I had bought the 44X19.5R15s for when the white stuff gets really deep."

Joe Fuerst

"Running some 35x12.50x15 Pit Bull Rocker's on my 70 Jeepster..... Only 1 trip on them so far to Moab, and couldn't be happier with how they worked!"

Curt Howard

"Absolutely love my 37" Pitbull tires! Grabs like nothing else I've ever wheeled with (and I've tried a lot of tires)."

Courtney Paige

"You guys go above and beyond for everyday class people. Not everyone can afford to buy 4 sets of brand new 42's at a time. But you guys honor your sales, and back it every time. Making America great again, one tire at a time."

Cole Gagnon

"What can I say about pit bull tires. One of the best tires I have ever run. Plus the company rocks. They keep their word and stand behind the name. Mike and AJ are awesome to deal with."

Trevor Nail

"I have a set of 33x12.50/16 growlers on my 3/4 Chevy. I love the fact these tires help me go wherever I need to. They do great with either a load on or pulling a trailer/camper or just trying to get back through a muddy field to tree line or traveling the snow cover back roads. I'm the only person around my area that runs them and get funny looks all the time when I talk about my "all terrain tires."

Travis Fair

"I love these tires because no matter which terrain I drive to, they respond the way I like and the grip is spectacular! I tested them in MOAB and I was very happy!"

Abdul C. Santiago

"I like the aggressive look when I'm sitting still. People say it looks "old school" because of the 15" wheels. I'm alright with old school 35x14.5x15. I can go anywhere and usually in 2 wheel drive. I saw the rockers years ago in a magazine and bought a jeep just so I could get a set. My 3rd set so far. And thank you for your love of our country. That makes a huge difference to me."

Billy Lebeck

"I have ran two sets of the rocker radials now and loved them. I've met Mike and he is unapologetically American, which I love. He is passionate about the country, and about his product."

James Bennett

"Love the Rockers and on my 3rd set now. They handle everything offroad I can throw at them. AWESOME Tires, those that have never run them don't know what they are missing."

Jeff TenHave

"My 35" pit bull rocker radials are super aggressive yet an incredible ride on the highway. Out crawling around on the rocks they grip and in the mud they clean out great! Next set will almost definitely be another set of rocker radials!"

Luke Coleman

"On my 2nd set of Rockers, absolutely love them. The performance on the rocks is unmatched, and the ride on the road is great."

James Feuerbacher III

"Just installed my 37's and love the look and cant wait until I get them on the Rocks after my Dynatrac Axle break in period is over. The American Flag is proudly worn!"

Dan Schlesinger

"Just installed a set of 30x10-14 Braven on my Can Am Commander. I only have a couple hundred miles on them but they are impressive."

Derek Zacha

"By far the best snow tires I have ever ran! Been wheeling for about 15 years now and there's not another tire on the market I would run! Been running these for 4 years and ready to run bigger than 37's! Oh yeah did I mention the fact that they are a TRUE 37 Is also badass? Looks like a 40 next to any other Make of 37s. Keep up the good work and badass customer service guys!"

Dylan Kaplan

"Running Pit Rockers in 35/12.50r18 for now. I couldn't wait for a lift kit to get my 35's on there, so I got out the saws to make the clearance. Haven't had a chance to really test them out, but what I have put them into, they have handled like a champ. And it's always good to buy from a family owned business here in the states."

Cody Bounds

"Love these tires! Best part they're made in America. Great tire(s) for any type of wheelin mud,snow,rock or for just going to the mall. Love me some pit bulls!"

Scott Banks

"Love my 37 x 12.50 x 17 PBRR's. They hook up better than any DOT tire and most comp label tires in the rocks, sand, mud snow and everything else I put them through plus the toughest radial sidewall in the business."

Symon DeVries

"I went to KOH this year on a set of borrowed Pit Bulls. Oh my goodness, I conquered every obstacle I tried! Not only did the Pit Bulls kick butt on the rocks, they also look good as hell on my ugly a** rig! The Pit Bull tires are the lipstick on my pig :-)."

Sherri Linn McCluskey

"Loving the 41.5s! Can't wait to try these radials in the deep snow."

Matt Norby

"Great American made product by patriotic people that stand by their product. I never worry about my tires on the trail, and they've been on the Rubicon multiple times like the picture shows."

Charley Shuey

"Love my pitbulls swapped my 44" swampers for 42" rockers and will never go back! They are amazing! Now I just need to outfit my other three rigs with some pitbulls and ditch interco for good! They did everything I asked them to at king of the hammer!"

Matt Elgy

"Have 37s on my tj Wouldn't use any other tire, one of the best tire for all terrains in my opinion!!"

Zach McClellan

"Currently running 35x12.5r15's and love them!! Hands down the best all around tire I've ran!"

Makayla Holstein

"Love the smooth ride on such an aggressive tire, the grip I get on rocks and mud. Plus the sense of pride having the American flag on my tires."

Gary Haynes

"This was the very first pic I took after getting my pitbull rockers installed. There isn't a better looking aggressive tire on the market in my opinion. Loved these 37s!"

Matthew Graham

"I have been running Bias Rockers on my rig, and they hook up great."

J.R. Harrison

"Pit bull Rockers are by far the best tire I've ever run. Absolutely loved them on my old jeep. I could use a new set of Rocker Radials on my current one though!!!"

Dustin Godshall