TESTIMONIALS - Check out what our customers and teams we sponsor are saying about our tires. We've said all along not to rely on our affirmations...and now you don't have to...you can read for yourself what others are saying about our kick ass tires. We will continue to add more testimonials all the time. And for those of you who think we only list good responses...of all the tires we've sold, the overwhelming majority have had nothing but excellent things to say about our products. See for yourself.

ATV/UTV Radial Tire Testimonials

Richard O.: I have been a fan of the Maxxis Bighorns for years. They have been a great durable tire...However I never liked the fact that they don't "clean out" well. They are fine for rocks but they fall short when it comes to muddy trails and snow. Over the past couple of years I have been looking for a tire to replace the bighorns on all of my machines. I have tried several makes but was never satisfied... After discovering the Growlers I am pleased to say they fit my needs perfectly. Great for rocky trails but also awesome in the snow and mud. The best tire for a diverse range of environments. Attached are a few pics.
Kudos on making such a great product.

Ben (On Target Magazine): We got our first ride on the Rocker Uber XOR tires on our '09 Polaris 850 XP the other day, and all I can say is?oh my G-d... these things find traction where there is absolutely no traction to be found. Even though the 25.5? Rockers are almost 3-inches in diameter less than the 28-inch Interco Swamplite tires I removed to install the Rockers, the performance is better across the board?especially in the mud, which is supposed to be the Swamplite's specialty. You guys have one hell of a tire here, and we'll have some great things to say about it in the article. Can't wait to try the LT tires!

Stephen (onthetrailtv.com): As owner operator of WV ATV TOURS and host of ON THE TRAIL TV we ride a average of 80 miles or more everyday. After testing the Pitbull Growler radial ATV tires I can tell you that these tires are AWESOME! The tread pattern on these tires work like nothing else in the mud, sand, and rocks.

Damouth (Cowtown USA Inc): Your tires are awesome! We have now put about Fifty hours on yor new PIT BULL Rocker XOR ATV/UTV tires and WOW these things are awesome! From go-ability to climbability, to the mud man, we've tortured these things doing burn-outs on pavement to doughnuts to blasting through the trails to hard pack surfaces, very balanced very very impressive. I really didn't think that there would be anything left of these tires by now, but they still look brand new!........What do you make these things out of? They are not wearing like all the other Atv/Utv tires we?ve tried before and sold. I've literally tried hundreds of tires, both personally and on our customers? bikes. I?ve never seen anything like these Pit Bulls! Whatever you are doing is incredible and, I am now switching all my customers and myself to Pit Bull tires! I love that you?re MAKING THEM IN THEM USA! THESE THINGS ROCK! Len Damouth Cowtown USA 1 Can-am dealer in the USA, 1 XRT dealer in the USA.

Mike (Michigan 2009): I was given a chance to try a set of the Pit Bull Growler X.O.R.(extreme off-road radial) tires. My first impression was that they looked like swamp lites, but with chunks taken out of the lugs. Boy was I wrong! These tires stick like glue to rocks. The Growler is probably the best all around tire I have used to-date, and I have gone through a lot of tires over these many years, trying to find something that would do everything well.

The rubber compound is like no other tire I have felt or used. It is real soft, sticky and thick. Over big rocks the lugs flex very well while holding the rocks like glue. Yesterday I did some technical riding on a rock course about 25-30ft wide and 300ft long of nothing but big sharp rocks. These tires didn?t let me down, they just stuck and pulled like no other I have used (better than Big horns). The guy I was with has a Rincon with xtr`s and couldn?t make it 2 quad lengths (not a real fair comparison but that?s all that I had to compare to). The guys standing by, watching in the jeeps and other quads were amazed on how well they worked.

Then off to the sand where their performance excelled once again. They didn?t dig as much as I had anticipated, but instead, they just hooked up and took off with very little tire roll in fast corners. Whereas I had expected they would dig and dive in the soft sand, instead, they just floated along the top of the sand and kept going.

On hard pack trails they were just point and shoot. Power sliding around corners was very easy - just hit it and go. They are also a very smooth riding tire which is surprising for such an aggressive lug pattern, but then again, the lugs do flex like no other tire I have ever used. Spanked the Rincon and the xtr`s again.

Then we hit the mud (which, honestly, I don`t care for) and my buddy thought his xtr`s were going to out-do me - WRONG answer. The Growlers did very well in the mud. Yes, they are no outlaw or silverback (which are dedicated single purpose mud tires), but that being said, as an all conditions tire, they definitely pull almost as well as a dedicated mud tire. They clean out without having to pin the throttle; don`t dig to the bottom and just grab and go.

I haven`t had the chance to ride any gravel roads yet, but the way the Growlers handled everything else, I would say they are going to be a great high speed drifter around turns.

On asphalt going up and down my street, they are very smooth. They don`t wander at high speeds. I ran them up to about 50mph and they handled like a dream.

I would have to say they are the best all around tire I have ever had the chance to use. Time will tell on how well they hold up.

I will get some more pics up as soon as I go through them.

RC Tire Testimonials

Desmond: Hey all, just writing you a quick message in regards to the RC truck tire you guys teamed up with team Losi to make. I am an RC truck nut, as well as a real truck nut, so i made a clone of my 1.1 rig in a 1/10th scale version, once i found out about the Losi Rock Ccarvers, I knew I had to have ?em,,,thanx for teaming up with them to make?em.... awesome job. Here?s a pic of both of my trucks ? enjoy!

Bias Tire Testimonials

Ross G. (Redding California): Hello my name is Ross G. of Redding California. I just bought a set of new 42" rockers... and I got them and mounted them up and headed straight up to the OHV area and these are some nice tires. I broke in a new rock trail like it was something of the past! It was great.
These are a much needed upgrade over my last set of 39.5 Rockers that I had got from you guys, the increased ground clearance for my 1tons are great and the narrower tire really helps. I had some tweakers break into my autoshop last month and they stole 3 of my 4 39.5" Rockers, so I did the right thing and I bought my 2nd set of Rockers and I’m glad I did. I can't wait for this year’s next round of the rock comps that we do including the Cal Rocs season.
Last time I bought some Rockers I contacted pitbull via email and asked for some free stickers to dress my comp truck up with. I kinda like to the give the other competition a glimpse of what just stomped all over their rigs at these events we always do well in. I want your name all over my truck. I have won 1st place, two 2nd place, and three 3rd place trophies from the Oroville Ca, WE-Rock course for the supermodified and Unlimited classes we compete in. And all of these trophies were earned using your Pit Bull Rockers. I’m usually the only one that sports PIT BULL tires at these contests, and I like to promote these tires as much as I can. I always have people/spectators asking me about these tires and my opinion on these. I always say that, "Ive had all the other brands out there, nothing compares to what the Rocker has done for my team, the durability, traction, performance and price you just can't beat them."


Corey (Rigby Idaho): Pit bull tires are simply the best off road tire available today. We run them on all of our rigs. Traction in the rocks is truly awesome. We wheel on Lava rock mostly and it rips tires to shreds. Not Pit bulls, they have held up extremely well. Every terrain we have had them in they are outstanding. We have wheeled deep sticky mud, no problem, deep snow, no problem, sand, no problem. The increase in capability over other tires is nothing short of amazing!!

Eric: I have the orange blazer pictured above and here is what I think about your tires. They are awesome. They have enabled my blazer to go places I did not think possible. There really is no comparison to any other tire I have run (and I have run most) I drive my blazer every where and they just keep getting better. My friend recommended these tires to me and his glorious reviews of them had me thinking, ?whatever dude a tires a tire some a bit better some not so much.? Well then I bought some myself, now I find myself doing the same thing. I have had them in deep snow, they crawled right along if I wanted to go faster I just gave it some throttle speed picked up instantly. I wheel rocks alot, lava rock around here the traction on those in absolutely ridiculous. The tires enable my rig to act like it is built more than it is. In the mud they are awesome. The more I wheel them the more impressed I am with these. If you want a serious off road tire that you can drive around on, Pit bull Rockers are the way to go.

Chris (Shadetree Racing): Mike, just a friendly report from the frozen North (Alaska). My 39.5 Rockers do awesome in the ice. I decided to drive my rig to work a few days and our roads have been icy for 2 months (-18 today) and the tires do great and I drive in 2wd! I'm locked, short, and light in the rear but unless I throttle up the tires don't spin on the ice and stop well even though my brakes are not well balanced at the moment. In regards to flat spotting; my tires are at 18 psi and not balanced but there is no noticable shimmy or shake other than a slight vibration at 45 that goes away when you go faster or slower. Sadly it's been TOO cold (-35) where we wheel to test them out in deep snow but they walk right through the 8-10" stuff I've played in. As for floating; I had a 4' plow pile (atv so not too packed) at the edge of the driveway that had gotten too big to push snow up and I rolled right up it a few times with the rig and over it a few times. Now I've got a nice smooth 3' pile and never really dug in.

Dave (Honolulu, Hawaii): Good morning Jerry, First off, thank you for your phone call concerning tire inflation on my Pitbull Maddog-equipped Toyota Landcruiser. The 18/15 psi inflation for on road use is perfect! I am happy to report a full on highway contact patch.

2nd, after many months of building and Honey do's The tire combo has been fully tested. These tires are spectacular! Conditions were very dry so there was some initial trepidation as these are a "mud terrain" tire. In the end this proved unwarranted. Rocks & boulders were conquered with ease. NO tire slip was evident while crawling, even when dealing with vertical approaches! There is a trail nick named "Jeep Eater" that consists of a deep rain rutted 30 degree to 60 degree climb of 200 yds. The rut is from 2' to 4' deep and up against a 90 degree face. The Maddogs distorted and conformed to this face and held like glue! The only problem experienced was keeping these things from climbing too high up the face. This trail gets it's name due to the many vertical faces experienced if one slides down into the rut. They act like a spatula flipping flap jacks on a short wheel-base vehicle.

All this was done on 35x14.5-15 Maddog tires on 15x10 old school mag. rims with no bead locks, running 10 psi. No slippage, loss of bead or tire burps were experienced, even after an abrupt roll over into a FJ40 sized hole on a down hill traverse!

3rd, A close friend was recently helped out with a three tire warranty claim. Way to go guys & galls! A great product line with excellent back up for the customer. Not many tire company's out there can match your ethos!

Thank you again Jerry and to Pitbull tires.

Carl (Fairbanks, Alaska): First let me introduce myself. My name is Carl. I am currently stationed in Fairbanks Alaska with the Army. About 6months ago I bought a set of Pit Bull Rockers 35x14.50-15LT from a dealer in Anchorage Alaska. I had bought a 74 Chevy K-5 Blazer about 4 months before from a friend in our off road club Arctic Off Road.

My buddy had sold the super swamperson the blazer before I bought it and it had a set of 35? BFG AT's on it. On previous trucks I have run just about every company?s tires - interco, bfg, cooper, dunlop, and a few others. I was looking for something different to run. The mud up here in alaska will swollow a vehicle whole and the rocks are big. I had heard of Pit Bulls before this and decided to give them a try. Let me just say WOW. I love these tires. I can climb rock hills in 2wd where 4wd was needed before. On a recent club trail ride we got into some really nasty mud. I was able to drag a 74 Jeep Wagoneer draging his axels and mine though the trail, where another truck with 39.5 tsl had just gotten stuck and did I mention I was running open diff too. Everyone was just amazed and impressed with these tires. I have had quite a few people ask what brand they are and where I got them and I had one club member offer to buy the tires right off my blazer. Sad to say I am selling my 35? Rockers to that member only because I am getting ready to deploy to Iraq for a year and I plan to add 1 ton axels and a set of either 37 or 39 Rockers to my K-5. Thank you for making such a good quality tire that not only performs great in the mud, sand, rocks, but also on the highway. Enclosed are a few pictures of the Rockers on my K-5.

Desmond: Hello, my name is Desmond, i'm writing you to say thank you for your product. I purchased a set of your rocker tires, 39.5 x16.50-16.5, they're mounted on 16.5 x 14 Weld rims, they're on my 1986 chevy c30 pickup, I'm in love with the truck and your tires , they make a great pair, I'm sending along pics of my truck to say thanks, the tires are my favorite set that I've had on any of my past and present trucks, these tires aren't just for jeeps,they work real good on the full size trucks as well, thanks again.

p.s my truck is very much street legal, and drivin regularly.....

Carol Ann: Just thought I?d drop a line to say how much I love my new Pit Bull Rockers I recently purchased from National 4WD. These tires are truly amazing! Here?s a couple shots and in case you were wondering I?m a member of the Pit Boyz and Pit Girlz Offroad club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. www.pitboyz.ca

What a great tire?.

Eric Hackney from Team Webster Gears: Hey AJ here are some pics of the New Mexico event for pro rock, the tires work great. We ran 10lbs in the front and 6lbs in the rear and it worked out awesome.

Robert: Just a feel good plug. I included a picture from a recent trip to the Sierra Nevada. I am very impressed with my Rockers (37x1350-17) in the snow. We had a couple feet of fresh snow on top of a solid base. I was able to crawl right through places that others on BFG's and MTR's became stuck. I currently do not have beadlocks on my 17x9 rims but have run them at 6lbs without issues. I was a little leery of the price but liked the option of a different aggressive tire that was non-directional. With 5 snow runs and about 1,600 miles they show virtually no wear. Looking forward to the rocks.

Scott: Just thought I'd let you know that Kyle (the guy who just bought ROCKERS I talked to you about) came in second in the 7500 class and won the 9500 class. The anouncer asked what tires he was rinning because he was getting so much traction. I will send you video clip as soon as I get it. Your tires kick ass PERIOD.

FMP: I have replaced my BFG Krawlers with 37' Rockers and they are the best all around off road tire I've ever used.

Eric of Team Webster Gears: Pitbulls are great! Well I have never had a problem with my pitbull rockers, I mean I love them to death and they hold up better than anything when it comes to staying on the rim, sidewalls be rubbed on you name it they hold up to anything. They grip very well on rock they clean out when in the mud to keep traction, so really i think they are the better choice. But everyone has a different opinion on this type of question and it turns into a mine is better than yours thing if you know what I mean. Each tire will act different. on each rig, and will work different in each type of terrain you put them in, I mean one tire could be great at the rubicon and the other will just not be as good. It's up to you, I have always been told that, the only way you will do good is by using and doing things you are most comfertable with.

Tracy(Ohio): I use both the Rockers and the Growlers on my racing rigs. The tires have been through 36 Tough Truck Races, 2 Mud Bogs, and 3 Roll Overs. I have been 12 feet in the air and have landed hard with every jump. The tires are very aggressive and durable. They have been through a lot of use and abuse and have outlasted any other tire out there.

Hump Jumper Motorsports highly recommends the Pit Bull Tires to all off roaders and tough truck racers.

"If you're not using Pit Bull Tires yet...what the hell are YOU waiting for?"

Jenssen (Team Blasphemy): Just wanted to say I love your product! I currently run 35x14.50-15 Pit Bull Rockers on my heavily modified 1989 Jeep Cherokee and consistently they land me in the top 3 of my class in competitions. We started the 2008 season with a new concept, our Jeep/team decided to sponsor the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, in one event alone we were able to raise close to $2,300. Our Team not only organizes fundraisers to raise money but also donates 100% of cash won directly to the CBCF. We are planning to make 2009 a bigger success not only for the Team but for Awareness for Breast Cancer.

Matt K.: I just thought I would drop you a line really quick and see how things are going in the world of Pitbull??? Unfortunately I haven't had a good chance to get the truck out lately because of a pretty serious back injury I have been fighting, but I am hoping to get out in the next month or so and get to see how the tires do in the deep snow of the Colorado Rockies!!! Should be a good time!!!

I have been running my Rockers for a while now and there is no way I will ever run anything else!!! These are by far the best tires I have ever had on my truck!!! They stick to the rocks like glue, and claw through the mud like paddles! AWESOME TIRES!!!

Also I was wondering if there are any plans for new tire sizes like in the range of a bigger Rocker, and a narrower Rocker??? I am getting ready to drop rockwells under my Dodge Ram rockcrawler and it will need to step up in the tire size category to around a 49" tire. I LOVE MY ROCKERS!!! I really REALLY need a 49" Rocker!!!!

Again I love my ROCKERS!!! I want to get them on my tow rig as well so I can really strut them around here and make it through the harsh Colorado winters with no issues! These tires are perfect for this area!!!

Nate: I want to thank you for making such a great tire. After getting a set last fall and showing all my friends how well they work. 3 of them have changed over to Pit Bulls. Every weekend i am out on the trails around West Michigan I get a lot of people asking me about the tires. Most people that i talk to have never heard of Pit Bulls before, but after seeing them work they are sold on them - Thanks for your time. Attached is a picture of my Jeep with 37" rockers

Jim (CAGE Offroad Products): Hey Mike, Thought you?d want to see us showing off your tires at the 2008 Early Bronco run called Son O?Beach. This is their 12th year with around 1,000 people in attendance. The tires were the first topic of conversation as they were ruling the sand over other non-paddle tires. They sure work well at 3.5psi in the sand and rocks plus the on road ride at 25 psi is great and pretty quiet considering the aggressive tread pattern.

Hope you?ve got that suspension on your Jeep by now. Let me know how that has gone or if it isn?t done yet let me know if you have questions. Take care

Michael: I have just bought some 37x13.50-17 Rockers and had my first trip this weekend. I have run 35/16/15 boggers for over 6 years now. These tires are awesome. I had a trip with a huge creek bed with deep water, dry rock and some mud too. They stood the test of time and trial. I used these tires and could have not been any more pleased with the performance.

I have tried several different tires but this has got to be the best all around tire on the market. You should market these tires more. I know my performance sold 2 sets of tires just this weekend alone. Maybe I should sell these, but just dropping you a few pics for your enjoyment and keep making these awesome tires, BFG Krawlers have nothing on your tires, they're great. Best enjoyment of them was the ability to cling to dry and WET rocks too. The ride took place in East Tennessee and I will post others who run your tires too. I have always been the guy who has to be different so that's why I chose your tires. They looked good, spec'd good, and seem to be not a bad deal. By far the best 4X4 tire on the market today. Thanks Pitbull for making my truck come alive with ability. Thanks again and God Bless.

Rick: Hey, guys. I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't have any issues with the tires this weekend up at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. I really think they worked great! The Rockers actually surprised my friends and myself because of how aggressive they are yet still pushed me through the sand. They also got quite a few looks and I had a few people asking about them. I told them how well they were working for me and how great you guys have been in working with me and answering my questions. I will be testing out my tires in the mud in two weeks. Once again, thank you for your help. I hope I send a little business your way. Keep up the good work!

From Team Webster Gears (Eric Hackney): Your pitbull rockers are without a doubt the stickiest and most agressive tires on the market to date. The tire is very impressive if you really think about, I mean the side walls hold up great and the softness and tread pattern are unbeatable as far as we are concerned. We have never had a tire hold to a bead so well, in March at the first pro rock event the water in my tires actually shot out between the tire and the rim and the tire stayed on the bead with no problems.

Of course like any tire you have to break them in and when you do the tire comes to life, like in January at the all- pro jamboree our 35" 14.5 wide pitbull rockers allowed the FrankenToy to fallow 2 buggy's running 39's up the back door and resolution trail, who says size matters if you got traction you can go anywhere. In competition we have done more courses with no second guessing because we know that our pitbull rockers will take us where we need to go when it's go time, and thats a very important thing that our team and you need to count on.


Woody: My damn Rockers still kick ass...few people were watching me a couple weeks back in Attica and were just shocked that the rear walked up a 6' vertical wall....especially when a buggy didn't make it the next day!!

Pics from that weekend... Click images for more

98jeepsport : I've been using the 37 x 15 rockers for 2 years now on my DD rig. It's a 98 Cherokee Sport 10'' lift with 1 tons. I love these tires! I had some scalloping issues with them at first due to narrow rims, BUT I have since moved to a 10'' wide rim. Other than the scalloping they have worn pretty damn good. I do a lot of highway driving, I put probably 600 (300 hghway) kms a week on them while doing work-up for Afghanistan.

When I drove on the highway I usually cruised along between 100 - 110 km/h, there is noise at those speeds, but nowhere as close to swampers. In the city you wouldn't know you were riding an aggresive tire they're that quiet.

I will definately make my next set of tires Pitbull rockers due to the fact that I've ran swampers, boggers, MTR's, bogger / swamper combo etc, to say I've ran a fair share of tires would be an understatement, but all around none of the ones that I've owned can hold a candle to them. I've literally went from thick soupy mud straight on to rocks and crawled up with little to no slip. They work great in mud, great on rock, wet woody terrain such as stumps they bite right in. Offroad i usually run between 5 - 8 psi depending where I'm going, street it's 15 psi.

There's only a few people in my neck of the woods that run these tires in Eastern Canada, not a lot of people are trying them, I guess price scares a lot of people, BUT you generally get what you pay for when it comes to offroad kit.

I'm looking to sell the 37's to move up to the 39's, along with humvee rims,5.38's and a locker to come soon I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do.

LT Radial Tire Testimonials

Butch : These radials are fricken amazing. It feels like how Mario Andretti described driving a trophy truck, "it's like driving a flying couch." in Dust to Glory. I've only had them on forest roads at 40psi and I quit avoiding pot holes because I didn't even feel the holes I hit. As far as the road is concerned, I'm running them w/o any balancing weights or beads and they are nothing but smooth. I can't wait to let the air out of'em and hit the rocks.
They are about an 1.5 " narrower and 1" taller than the bias and I think that is gonna be a better setup for this truck anyway. These things get looks and comments like no other tires I've run before, not that I would run tires for that reason, but still. Now I just need to bust out the sawzall/angle grinder/plasma cutter to make'em fit w/o ripping my fenders and sliders off. Maybe even a little longer spring for the old landcruiser is in order too.

Pete (Colorado): Best snow tire I have ever had....hands down. They throw snow until the snow isn't there anymore. Was able to stop in drifts 18+ inches high, then floor it...and the Jeep took off like the snow wasn't even there. Very cool!

Jarred (Missouri): Pitbull Tires have yet to dissapoint me. After running their bias-ply Rockers for about 3 years now and trying the new Maddog Radial tires, I am convinced this is the most road/off-road worthy tire available. The new 38.5x1350 Maddog Radials, which I have been running for around eight weeks now, are showing very little wear at all with just under 1000 miles on them! I noticed much improved ride quality as well as improved handling with this much sturdier radial design. The new Raidal Maddog continued to impress me as I powered through a muddy trail as on off-road tire M/T tire should! I believe Pit Bull has really stepped up to the plate with its new line of Radial Tires, combining highway comfort with proven off-road tenacity. Without a doubt, these dogs just got tougher! - Feb 2009