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Aug 28 2013 - Pit Bull RC tires won first place in every category this past weekend at the RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge Nationals. Class 1 - 1st Place - Pit Bull Tires Class 2 - 1st Place - Pit Bull Tires Class 3 - 1st Place - Pit Bull Tires Top Truck Challenge - 1st Place - Pit Bull Tires Congratulations to Team Pit Bull Driver Tim Samuels for winning Classes 1, 2 & 3. Congratulations to John Hernandez for winning the TTC on Pit Bull tires. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/competitions/426254-2013-rc4wd-east-coast-scale-challenge-august-23-25-a-83.html


Jan 22 2012 - 27.5x9R12 27.5x11R12 27.5x9R14 27.5x11R14 Rocker Uber XOR Radial ATV/UTV tires arrive February 1, 2012. Place orders now to lock in pricing.

Sep 03 2011 - 1.9 Rock Beast RC tires are in stock. We won the Scale Nationals this year...you can buy them from various RC dealers around the country.

Sep 01 2011 - 41.5x1350 Radial Rockers are in stock. Some of the biggest LT Radial tires on the market and they not only look great, but work great

May 01 2011 - Silver State 300 - Scott McFarland and Team 41 Racing win the Silver State 300 running on 37x1350-17 Rocker Bias Tires!!!

Feb 10 2011 - Feb. 10, 2011 - Pit Bull Tires UTV King of the Hammers race...Mojave Desert. $5,000 Challenge is on this year plus contingencies...so get the rules, spruce up your UTVs and enter to win some money!!!! Come see our display in Hammertown...booth 28B. Stop on by to get some free stuff and your Contingency Decals for the UTV race and for the LT race on Friday.

Oct 16 2010 - Saturday October 16, 2010 - PIT BULL R/C SUPER SERIES MEGA CUP INTERGALACTIC RC NATIONALS OF THE UNIVERSE http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2618988&posted=1#post2618988

Jul 17 2010 - Another 1st place finish for the Pit Bull Rock Beast 2.2 RC tires. Here's what War Pig had to say about his victory - "ORCRC had their scale season opener on Mt. Hood at the White River Snow Park on July 17th, 2010. 16 Street class trucks and 12 Trail class trucks. The courses were loose, dusty, and tight, and if you didn't pick the right line the first time.....you got in trouble fast. My Pit Bull tires seem to be made for this kind of terrain. With the extra width and soft rubber compound, they floated over the soft glacial sand and bit into the rock like no other. I truly believe that my Pit Bull tires are the best all around 2.2 scale tire on the market, and they are partially responsible for my last 2 scale competition wins. Tim Samuels (War Pig)."

May 31 2010 - PIT BULL ROCK BEAST 2.2 RC TIRES TAKE FIRST AND SECOND PLACE AT THE 2010 MONTANA RC SCALE NATIONALS. That's two podium positions in our first outing at a major National RC event!!!

May 25 2010 - Pit Bull introduces our new Rock Beast XOR 2.2 RC tires. You can buy them direct from us. Just look for the Buy Now button

May 25 2010 - Thank you to High Point Hummer & ATV rental in Moab Utah for organizing and implementing a successful Trail Run for us a few weeks back. You guys are the best and your operation is top notch!!!

May 25 2010 - Pit Bull Tires is proud to be a sponsor of Scott McFarland's BITD trophy truck for the 2010-2011 Season. Scott is a quality guy and one of the craziest drivers on Earth!!! Fits right in with our style.

Feb 17 2010 - 25.5" & 26.5" Rocker Uber XORs are in stock and shipping fast. Our 25.5" Growler XORs are in stock as well...with the 27.5" Growler XORs becoming available in April.

Feb 17 2010 - Well...the first Pit Bull Tires UTV KOH has come and gone and Mitch Guthrie is the winner!!! Congratulations to Mitch on his second KOH win. Team Shake 'n Bake #911 proved just how tough our Pit Bull Tires really are by entering the race with a 2WD Redline, up against a field of 4WD vehicles. Even though they didn't finish the race, they put on a hell of show for 3/4s of it and were a contender. Next year fellas...next year...4WD and layoff the gas in the whoops.

Aug 18 2010 - Scott McFarland and Pit Bull Tires have teamed up to race the Vegas to Reno race this weekend August 20-21, 2010. El Diablo will be there with up-to-the-minute updates on the race posting directly on our Facebook/Twitter pages. Oooooh...soooo...coooool. Ha.

Nov 25 2009 - Our Rocker Uber XOR and Growler XOR radial ATV/UTV tires are here!!!! Lean, mean off-roading machines designed to compliment your ride for better handling, more traction and increased strength. 1 1/8th inch tread depths on the Rocker Uber XORs!!! "Uber" means "super" and our Rocker Ubers are 8ply-rated with ExD Technology. What's ExD Technology? It means Extra Deep Rim Guards and they are not only functional, but look great with our Tear It Up logo and Chain link design. Here's a link to a review of our Growler XORs on one of the forums: http://www.rzrforums.net/pit-bull-tires/19997-my-growler-review.html

Aug 04 2009 - Kevin Yoder CalRocs Update
June 27-28th 2009
CalRocs at Donner Ski Ranch. I got 2nd place in the Super Modified class on the 42" Rockers www.calrocs.com

July 18th 2009
Norcal Rock Racing. We took first place in the PRO CLASS at Prairie City! I dominated the final race of the day and took over the Norcal Rock Racing PRO Series points lead for the season. I used the 42"Rockers

July 18-18 2009
Vorra Desert Race Series, Fallon 250 night race. In Fallon Nevada we won the Sportsman class by over 30 minutes. We ran the 39" Mad Dogs. We ran a flawless race with no flats. Some teams had seven flats and were borrowing tires. I have a large 49 point lead in the Sportsman class with 4 of the 7 races completed.

" The Pit Bull Rockers are the best tires I have ever used. The tires are very sticky and conform to whatever I throw at them. They work great for rock crawling and also handle the abuse of rock racing" Winner round 2 Norcal Rock Racing Pro Series.
Kevin Yoder #34

"The Pit Bull Mad Dogs are the toughest tire I have ever used. High speed in the Desert or blasting through the rocky washes. The tires have proved themselves again and again. I ignore the rocks and drop the hammer. Winner of the 2009 Fallon 250 desert race. NO FLATS"
Kevin Yoder #34



Corey(Rigby Idaho): Pit bull tires are simply the best off road tire available today. We run them on all of our rigs. Traction in the rocks is truly awesome. We wheel on Lava rock mostly and it rips tires to shreds. Not Pit bulls, they have held up extremely well. Every terrain we have had them in they are outstanding. We have wheeled deep sticky mud, no problem, deep snow, no problem, sand, no problem. The increase in capability over other tires is nothing short of amazing!! May 2009