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Ok Auto & 4wd : www.Ok4wd.com - what can I say about Ok Auto & 4wd in Stewartsville, NJ?  Jim and his company are some of the coolest and greatest group of guys you'll ever want to meet.  If you ever get out that way...near Eastern PA or Western NJ...stop in and check out their place...it's awesome.  They have a rock course right there on the property...and they sell everything...and know everything about off-roading.

Tyre's Int'l : www.tyres1.com -  We've been friends with this company for years and they are a top outfit.  I can't say enough about them.

Illspent : www.illspent.tk - DID YOU LIKE THE MUSIC ON THE INTRO?!!! These guys have a fresh hot sound and I guarantee they're going to be famous.  Matt, the guitarist...also breeds and trains Pit Bulls...and is all about promoting better treatment of these awesome dogs.  It's the owners who are the problem...not the dogs!!!!

Blakes' Custom Welding, Oak Harbor, OH - if you ever break down and need a complete portable service...these are the guys.  They saved our ass when our hitch broke.  Ask for Larry Blake. 419-349-1521 Cell.

ILLICIT PITZ : www.illicitpitbull.tk - Matt is a well-known Pit Bull breeder who believes in training these animals with a loving touch.  He is a crusader against the inhumane treatment of Pit Bulls and has created his own video series to teach people about these gentle dogs and how to train them properly.  IT'S THE OWNERS, NOT THE DOGS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!  You can purchase dog training supplies, T-shirts, videos of which the proceeds go to help his cause.

Dale Quamme : www.quammeenterprises.com - Dale is another quality person up in the Minneapolis Minnesota area.  He's our Pulling dealer for MN, IA & WI...and one of the top guys at the NTPA.  So he knows his stuff.  

IH8MUD.COM : www.ih8mud.com - Brian is a great guy and, without gaining anything from it...has helped get the word out about our tires. 

Allied Wheels : www.alliedracingwheels.com - Greg Mulkey is a great guy and his company puts out quality product.  Greg put our tires on his rims at the SEMA show and got us a lot of exposure.  Thanks buddy. Call Greg - 714.893.4160

13 Days : - a great Heavy Metal St. Louis band. In fact, if you liked the music on our Truck Off DVD then you like 13 days. Check out their website

Dyna Beads from Innovative Balancing
Dyna Beads Awesome alternative to other non-weight balancing methods. Innovative?s stuff won?t klump. Good guys?great product?.try them out. Here?s their link www.innovativebalancing.com