DEALER INFORMATION & LOCATOR - If you are not an authorized Pit Bull dealer, then you do not have permission to access any portion of this section of our website, other than the use of the Dealer Locator and Return Procedures (Consumer).  Nothing in this section applies to anyone else other than our authorized Pit Bull dealers. 

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, then go to our RETAIL/WHOLESALE DEALER APPLICATION FORM link and we will instruct you on what forms you need to fill out to become a dealer. Just because we talk to you and send you application materials or you submit an application to us does not guarantee that we are going to make you a dealer.

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Credit Application

Domestic Freight Policy

Standard Claim Form

Return Policy & Procedures (Dealer)

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Please inspect all merchandise as it arrives. If inspection upon arrival is not possible, the recipient must sign the Bill of Lading ("BOL") "Contingent on Inspection for Concealed Loss or Damage". Such action should protect the recipient if any damage to the merchandise is discovered after unpacking. If the foregoing is not written on the BOL and the merchandise is not inspected as it arrives, the recipient will be responsible for the merchandise, even if damaged by the shipper.

If the shipment arrives damaged, please contact the shipper immediately to report such damage and please indicate the "damaged goods" on the BOL prior to signing for receipt of the merchandise. Also please immediately contact TIRE MART, INC. Customer Service at 800-645-2006 (business hours between 8am - 5pm CST Monday through Friday) to report said damage. TIRE MART, INC. will also report the damage to the shipper and schedule a re-shipment, if deemed necessary.

The damaged merchandise must be completely repackaged in the original packing for return. If the original packing is damaged or unavailable, please contact TIRE MART, INC. and instructions will be provided as to how the merchandise should be repackaged. If requested, the shipper will inspect and pick up the damaged merchandise and return it to TIRE MART, INC. or such other destination as TIRE MART, INC. may so elect.


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Return Procedures (Consumer)

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