Dos Piezas 2.2 Kompilation 2-Stage Foam
Dos Piezas 2.2 Kompilation
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Dos PiezasTM 2.2 KompilationTM 2-Stage Foam - 2 Inner and 2 Outer per packet.

Tear Up the CompetitionTM with Pit Bull Tires' Officially licensed Dos PiezasTM 2.2 - 2-Stage Foams.

Dos PiezasTM Dual Stage foams Tear Up the CompetitionTM by offering incredible side-hill ability, controlled tire-flex with a firm tread-bite that allows lugs to work individually on the toughest terrains.

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Stage 1 - The Inner Stage supports the critical part of the tire's carcass, keeping beefy crawlers and tall 2.2 tires stable and predictable.

Stage 2 - The Outer Stage provides the deadening effect you need for hardcore climbing, sudden hopping and controlled bumping. Stage 2 also refines many rock crawling tire needs when hitting the big rocks and deep holes. Both stages of foam dampen, as well as react quickly enough for high speed runs seen in crawling and rock racing. No modifications necessary with our Dos PiezasTM...they are ready to go right from the package.

Dos PiezasTM 2-Stage Foams work with popular 2.2 tires, but in particular, when used with our Pit Bull 2.2 Rock Beast® Komp KompoundTM tires, our Dos PiezasTM KompilationTM Foams cause serious Symbiosis.

2 inner and 2 outer per packet.
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